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“Diverse Assisting Services is a team of paralegals providing on-demand paralegal services to law firms and solo practitioners. Our paralegals are experienced in drafting pleadings, scheduling depositions, hearings, meetings and other administrative tasks.We will allow you to manage costs and increase revenue. Avoid spending time hiring and training new staff and focus on your clients. Call us now at (954) 281-2647.”

Diverse Assisting Services, Corp is a non-lawyer service. We provide Freelance Paralegal assistance for Attorneys and Document Preparation services for Pro Se Litigants.

Diverse Assisting Services thrives to help both Attorneys and Pro Se Litigants at a low cost. Our Freelance Paralegals and Document Preparation specialist are home-based. We bring you the best Freelance Paralegals on an as needed basis for Attorneys and expedited Document Preparation for Pro Se Litigants.

Our mission is to provide punctual and reliable service delivery. Our team is trained to serve the needs of our clients. You can be confident that every project will be handled professionally and expeditiously. Customer service is very important to us and we value your opinion. You will always be in contact with our Freelance Paralegals and Document Prepares via telephone and email. We do not have to explain further, let us show you, Hire us today!

**Freelance Paralegal- services are only available to licensed attorneys in good standing**

**Document Preparation- We are non-lawyers that can help you fill out Florida Supreme Approved Forms. We cannot and will not provide legal advice**