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Document Preparation

Diverse Assisting Services are non-attorneys who provide professional document preparation services to pro se litigants. Hiring an attorney can cost you thousands of dollars. Avoid paying high attorney fees with our document preparation services. We can help you fill your legal documentations for a low price and excellent service.

Preparing a legal document on your own can be intimidating, confusing, incorrectly completed and time consuming.

Under the client’s direction, documents are prepared and notarized by a professional Document Preparation Specialist.

For our customer satisfaction we provide; flexible hours, rush service (less than 24 hours), Return time for document preparation is 2-3 days.

Have your documents prepared today accurately, professionally, and receive high quality service with Diverse Assisting Services.

We can help you complete the following legal documents at a low cost:

·       Paternity

·       Divorce

·       Criminal Record Expunge/seal

·       Modifications

·       Relocation

·       Wage Theft

·       Small Claims

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